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CAP France BAT S.A. recognizes the paramount importance of the human element within the company which it embraces as the most precious asset it enjoys above all other company assets and resources. That is precisely why, careful attention is given during the process of recruitment starting from the screening and selection to the training of our engineers, technical experts, and skilled workers. The implementation of modern management techniques and HR management procedures is an inseparable part of our company policy that aims at maintaining a high degree of motivation among the entire workforce of the company. Management Message One of the fundamental tasks CAP France BAT S.A. takes upon itself is to ensure that all projects are executed within a controlled environment especially with regards to meeting deadlines as well as budgets required by clients. We strive to keep all lines of communication clear and all issues transparent, and we make sure that project risks are actively managed and well under continuous check. Our supreme goal is to continue to be locally and internationally competitive through implementing enhanced technologies in design and execution, enforcing strict quality control measures, continuously upgrading our safety procedures, and providing creative and functional solutions to our clients within specified budgets.

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Board Members

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Name IBRAHIM JAMMAL Profession Project Director Qualification BS in Electrical Engineering Experience 15 years of experience in KSA and GCC   Name SEMAAN . more >>

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